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Research Review New Zealand works with over 70 local medical specialists to select and advise on the most important research from around the world. They advise on what really matters, what impact it has on local healthcare and what we need to do in our daily practice to accomodate new skills and knowledge. Select a category below to see more about each of our expert advisors.

Honorary Assoc Prof Natalie Walker

Honorary Assoc Prof Natalie Walker

Natalie Walker is an epidemiologist and leader of the Addiction Research programme at the National Institute for Health Innovation, University of Auckland.  Natalie joined the University in 1995, and completed a PhD in cardiovascular epidemiology in 2000.  Natalie has recently completed a three-year Heart Foundation Douglas Senior Fellowship in Heart Health (Prevention).  Her primary area of interest is the conduct of phase III, community-based, clinical trials, particularly in the fields of smoking cessation, alcohol consumption, and heart health.  She is a member of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco, and a board member of ASH.

Natalie provides expert commentary for NZ Smoking Cessation Research Review.

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