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Research Review New Zealand works with over 70 local medical specialists to select and advise on the most important research from around the world. They advise on what really matters, what impact it has on local healthcare and what we need to do in our daily practice to accomodate new skills and knowledge. Select a category below to see more about each of our expert advisors.

Dr John Conaglen

Dr John Conaglen

John Conaglen is Director of Endocrinology at Waikato Hospital, and practices clinical endocrinology with a strong clinical and research interest in the area of sexual dysfunction. He completed his MD in biochemistry at the University of Otago, before post-doctoral training at St Thomas' Hospital, London. His many peer-reviewed publications include papers on the impact of treating sexual dysfunction on the couple. Other current research activity includes investigating the molecular mechanisms, using animal models, of various growth factors on regeneration of cardiomyoctyes in the failing heart, and pursuing molecular pathways active in human pituitary and adrenal tumours. He is Associate Professor of Medicine and Research Coordinator at the Waikato Clinical School, Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences, University of Auckland.

John provides expert commentary for the Men's issues of Sexual Health Research Review.

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