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Research Review New Zealand works with over 70 local medical specialists to select and advise on the most important research from around the world. They advise on what really matters, what impact it has on local healthcare and what we need to do in our daily practice to accomodate new skills and knowledge. Select a category below to see more about each of our expert advisors.

Dr Valerie Looi

Dr Valerie Looi

Dr Valerie Looi is an Adjunct Fellow with the Department of Communication Disorders at the University of Canterbury. She completed post-graduate qualifications in music therapy, and then audiology at the University of Queensland, Australia. She then completed her PhD at the University of Melbourne, Australia, investigating the music perception of cochlear implant and hearing aid users.   
She has worked as both a registered music therapist, and as an audiologist in research and clinical positions in Australia and New Zealand. Her primary areas of research are in the field of cochlear implants, along with the music perception of those with a hearing impairment. She is particularly interested in developing a music training program for cochlear implant users. She is also interested in clinical outcomes research, and research that informs evidence-based practice.

Dr Looi selects the studies and provides the expert commentary for Hearing Review.

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