The ElimIn8 Educational Series on Hepatitis C – Testing and Treatment

This is the third in a series of audio podcasts on the elimination of Hepatitis C in NZ.

In this podcast we hear from Dr Homie Razavi, Associate Professor Catherine Stedman and Judith McLaughlin, Hepatitis Nurse Specialist, on testing and treating the Hepatitis C virus.


We also hear from a patient about their personal experience of being diagnosed with Hepatitis C.

Dr Razavi is an epidemiologist, and the managing director at the Centre for Disease Analysis (CDA) and the CDA Foundation and leads the Polaris Observatory, which provides up-to-date estimates for how best to fight Hep C, B and D around the world.

Associate Professor Stedman is a specialist Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist at Christchurch Hospital, and also works as a Clinical Senior Lecturer for the University of Otago where she convenes medical student gastroenterology teaching.


Judith McLaughlin is a Clinical Nurse Specialist at Christchurch Hospital, specialising in Hepatology. 

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