NZ Anaesthesia and Pain Management Research Review Issue 27

In this issue:

  -  Dexamethasone as an analgesic adjuvant after total knee arthroplasty
  -  Delirium with regional vs. general anaesthesia for hip fracture surgery in the elderly
  -  Balanced multi-electrolyte solution vs. saline for critically ill adults
  -  Opioid-free general anaesthesia for improving postoperative outcomes
  -  Anterior suprascapular nerve block vs. interscalene brachial plexus block for arthroscopic shoulder surgery
  -  QOL after nonoperative vs. operative management of proximal femoral fractures in frail patients
  -  Effects of booster sessions on self-management interventions in chronic musculoskeletal pain
  -  Primary-care CBT for long-term opioid users with chronic pain
  -  Persistent pain after hysterectomy, caesarean section, prostatectomy or donor nephrectomy
  -  Mediators of relationships between pain intensity and 3-month QOL in adolescents with chronic pain
  -  Relationships between pain and psychological distress during the pandemic

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