NZ Anaesthesia and Pain Management Research Review Issue 28

In this issue:
  -  O2 administration during surgery and postoperative organ injury
  -  Remifentanil vs. NMB during rapid sequence intubation in patients at aspiration risk
  -  Surgeon-delivered nerve block after lumbosacral spine surgery
  -  Predicting massive transfusion during surgery
  -  Impact of intraoperative esketamine on PSD after gynaecological laparoscopy
  -  Pain science education + exercise for chronic Achilles tendinopathy
  -  Cortical function and sensorimotor plasticity associated with future LBP after acute episode
  -  Structural imaging studies in chronic pain
  -  Prognostic factors for quality of life after interdisciplinary pain rehabilitation for chronic pain
  -  Health coaching for LBP and hip/knee OA

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