NZ Midwifery Research Review Issue 26

In this issue:
  -  Risk factors for post-traumatic stress after childbirth
  -  Effect of aerobic water exercise during pregnancy on epidural use and labour pain
  -  Breastfeeding attitudes in a large sample of mothers
  -  Clinical guidelines for care of pregnant women with COVID-19
  -  Experiences of midwives caring for pregnant woman with COVID-19 in Spain
  -  A low-cost telehealth service for delivery of antenatal care
  -  Labour and birth outcomes in nulliparous women with vs without epidural analgesia
  -  Perinatal outcomes after planned home VBAC vs planned hospital VBAC
  -  Risk factors for severe postpartum haemorrhage
  -  Reduction in perinatal mortality among SGA babies in NZ

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