AAN 2023 Conference Review

In this review:
  -  Efficacy and safety of lecanemab in early Alzheimer disease (Clarity AD)
  -  Endovascular treatment for acute basilar artery occlusion (ATTENTION)
  -  Efficacy and safety of CNM-Au8 in relapsing MS (VISIONARY-MS)
  -  Endovascular thrombectomy for ischaemic stroke with a large core infarct (SELECT2)
  -  CE-VST01-JCV: A novel allogenic T cell-based immunotherapy for PML
  -  Continuous delivery of levodopa/carbidopa using the intra-oral DopaFuse system
  -  MOG-IgA characterises a subgroup of patients with CNS demyelination
  -  Atogepant for migraine prevention in patients with prior treatment failure
  -  Teriflunomide extends the time to MS in patients with RIS
  -  MOG antibody disorders

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