NZ Skin Cancer Research Review Issue 5

In this issue:

Predicting keratinocyte carcinoma in patients with AKs
Characteristics of congenital and noncongenital NAMs
RCM for diagnosing malignant melanoma
Risk factors for developing a second melanoma
Minimising the dermatoscopic morphological overlap between BCC and SCC
5-year analysis of adjuvant dabrafenib plus trametinib in stage III melanoma
Adjuvant nivolumab vs. ipilimumab in resected stage IIIB–C and stage IV melanoma
Predicting recurrence-free survival after targeted neoadjuvant therapy for metastatic melanoma
5-year outcomes of nivolumab in wild-type BRAF advanced melanoma
First-line pembrolizumab monotherapy in unresectable cutaneous SCC

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