EASD Annual Meeting 2022

In this review:
  -  Telehealth vs in-person care in T1D: an open label RCT
  -  Continuous glucose monitoring identifies dysglycaemia in very young children at risk of T1D
  -  Empagliflozin and cardiac function in T2D without heart disease: the EMPA-HEART trial
  -  Tirzepatide induces weight loss in T2D regardless of BMI: post hoc analysis of SURPASS 1-5
  -  Physical activity and severe hypoglycaemia in T1D
  -  Dishabituation with high intensity exercise improves responses to hypoglycaemia in T1D in patients with impaired awareness of hypoglycaemia
  -  An oxygenated hydrogel enhanced the survival of human islets within macroencapsulation devices
  -  Hypoglycaemia increases during pregnancy after gastric bypass: the BAMBI study
  -  Cardiorenal and safety outcomes with finerenone in T2D with CKD and obesity

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