EASD 2023 Conference Review

In this review:
  -  SURMOUNT-4: continued tirzepatide for weight loss maintenance
  -  SURPASS: tirzepatide in type 2 diabetes
  -  Precision medicine for GDM prevention
  -  Major oral anti-hyperglycaemic therapies in type 3c diabetes
  -  Management considerations for type 3c diabetes
  -  Kidney outcomes with semaglutide in type 2 diabetes & chronic kidney disease
  -  CV outcomes with SGLT-2is + GLP-1RAs in type 2 diabetes
  -  Empagliflozin + semaglutide in albuminuric type 2 diabetes
  -  Infection risk in hyperinsulinaemic type 2 diabetes
  -  Long-term mortality & recurrent diabetic ketoacidosis admissions
  -  COMISAIR: continuous glucose monitoring in type 1 diabetes

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