NZ Fertility Research Review Issue 37

In this issue:
  -  Use of a long-acting GnRHa long protocol in women with repeated implantation failure
  -  Risk of major postpartum haemorrhage after FET pregnancies
  -  Endometrial thickness affects outcomes of programmed FET cycles
  -  Impact of azoospermia factor c microdeletions on ART outcomes
  -  Orthotopic vs heterotopic autologous ovarian tissue transplantation
  -  Effects of the kisspeptin receptor agonist MVT-602 in healthy premenopausal women
  -  The burden of very early dropout in infertility care
  -  What do women undergoing IVF understand about their chance of success?
  -  Impact of BMI in women undergoing transfer of frozen thawed PGT-A embryos
  -  Autologous grafting of adult testicular tissue

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