NZ Fertility Research Review Issue 36

In this issue:
  -  Clinical outcomes of embryos classified as a mosaic using PGT-A
  -  Risk of congenital anomalies in children conceived via ART
  -  Home-based monitoring of ovulation to time frozen embryo transfers
  -  Fertility outcomes in men with prior history of anabolic steroid use
  -  Reproductive outcomes of oocyte donation in women with uterine Müllerian anomalies
  -  The developmental potential of mature oocytes derived from rescue in vitro maturation
  -  Risk factors for placenta accreta spectrum in pregnancies conceived via ART
  -  Reproductive inequities in women with limited English proficiency
  -  How does ChatGPT perform as a fertility counselling tool?
  -  Fertility preservation in young girls with Turner syndrome

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