NZ Fertility Research Review Issue 35

In this issue:
  -  Impact of socioeconomic status on fertility treatment and outcomes in subfertile men
  -  Rescue progesterone dosing in women with low circulating levels
  -  Pilot study of MST for couples with idiopathic infertility and repeated IVF failures
  -  Impact of soy products and soy isoflavones on ovarian reserve
  -  Impact of a supplement containing myo-inositol on time to conception
  -  Does a fertility-tracking app increase fecundability?
  -  Day after rescue ICSI: Eliminating total fertilisation failure?
  -  Sex selection after PGT-A for first vs second baby
  -  The impact of ART and ovulation induction on breech presentation
  -  Fertility preservation discussions in young women with breast cancer

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