NZ Fertility Research Review Issue 32

In this issue:
  -  Oocyte cryopreservation vs IVF + PGT-A at advanced reproductive age
  -  Impact of the pre-pregnancy vaginal microbiome on fecundability
  -  Pregnancy outcomes in couples with abnormal parental karyotypes
  -  Prevalence of endometriosis in women commencing ART
  -  Increasing contribution of ART to overall births in Australia
  -  Impact of an ERA test on personalised embryo transfer for patients with infertility
  -  Vaginal progesterone supplementation after embryo transfer improves live birth rate
  -  Type of incubator affects blastocyst formation and embryo metabolism
  -  Pregnancy and live birth rates after ovarian tissue transplantation
  -  Ovarian administration of PRP in women with severe diminished ovarian reserve

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