NZ Fertility Research Review Issue 31

In this issue:
  -  Noninferiority of an alternative hCG trigger regimen
  -  Adding hyaluronic acid to embryo transfer media improves IVF outcomes
  -  Diet-induced weight loss in obese men increases sperm count
  -  Relationship between paternal factors and embryonic aneuploidy of paternal origin
  -  Does antibiotic therapy for chronic endometritis prior to IVF/ICSI increase the risk of miscarriage?
  -  Diminished ovarian reserve does not impact embryo aneuploidy or live birth rates
  -  Does infertility treatment increase the risk of childhood asthma and atopy?
  -  Clinician and patient attitudes to IVF add-ons
  -  Dietary omega-3 fatty acids and ART outcomes
  -  IVF outcomes in women with previous bariatric surgery

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