NZ Fertility Research Review Issue 30

In this issue:
  -  Preconception weight loss in obese women with infertility
  -  Reproductive function in men conceived using IVF/ICSI
  -  Preconception antidiabetic drugs in men and birth defects in offspring
  -  Follicular activation in women previously diagnosed with poor ovarian response
  -  Decision regret after failed autologous IVF in women aged ≥42 years
  -  Association of infertility with ASCVD in postmenopausal women
  -  Intracervical insemination vs IUI with donor sperm in the natural cycle
  -  Oestrogen pretreatment does not increase oocyte retrieval in women with low ovarian response   
  -  Chromosomal abnormalities in couples with recurrent spontaneous miscarriage
  -  Outcomes after micro-testicular sperm extraction

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